Leggings & Lattes

Change is good, right? 

On some occasions my brain really gets into thinking mode. There has been a lot on my mind lately when it comes to blogging. I haven’t been enjoying it here on www.kristinlongacre.com. No offense to my domain, but it just didn’t fit with my vision. 

I decided to make some changes. Join me over at Leggings & Lattes for a cup of coffee… and an explanation of the future of my blog. 

Over the next few weeks (in my free time) I’ll be changing this site around again. It will go back to being my “home base” and a place where you can find links to all of my life projects. 

Hang in there with me… and let’s have a cup of coffee together

3 thoughts on “Things Are Changing….

  1. Change is not always a bad thing! We need change to have growth, and we need growth to better ourselves….Change is what you make of it. If you face it with an open mind and positive spirit, you can even make an initially negative change, into a positive one.

  2. For some reason, changes is good as we need to move on and on. Please do all the changes you are planning. I’m excited to see how the site will look like later.

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