Don’t Wait Until Monday To Start Your Diet

August 7, 2022

This week’s topic couldn’t have been more relevant to kick start [most of] the second half of 2022… Why Not Now?

In this episode of Be Your Best Self Health Chats, we talk about what’s holding you back on your health and nutrition goals and how you can get started today WITHOUT overwhelming yourself.

It’s easy to “wait until Monday to start your diet” or “wait until we get past a certain date” to start our weight loss goal or diet. That’s hurting instead of helping you.

Don’t Wait Until Monday To Start Your Diet.

By waiting, we’re just continuing to make excuses as to why we shouldn’t do it. We can come up with 1,000 reasons why it’s better not to do it right now. In reality, the sooner we get started, the better we will feel.

You will always find an excuse to put it off. There could be Summer vacation, back to school, holidays, etc.

Instead, break it down into one habit at a time.

Start With a Realistic Change.

My one-on-one clients and I often pick one new habit to start today and focus on that for the next week. By the time Monday rolls around you’ll already be on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Habits I love working on starting with:

Instead of going all in, focusing on one habit will make an overall lifestyle change more manageable.

Listen to the podcast for more information on why you should not wait until Monday to start your diet. Instead of waiting until Monday, ask yourself… Why not now?

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Enjoy this week’s episode of Be Your Best Self Health Chats.


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Why You Shouldn't Wait Until Monday to Start Your Diet