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November 24, 2022

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A holiday involving food inevitably brings up the conversation around diets, weight loss, and what’s “healthy.”

You know the conversations I’m talking about… “you’ve lost weight, what are you doing? My brothers sisters best friends neighbors did xyz diet, you should try it, etc”

As part of this list, chances are at some point you have been in a season of life where you are focusing on your eating habits. Whether you are in that season or not right now, you do not have to join in these conversations.

Nutrition should be custom to your needs, not someone else’s.

Let’s talk today on the podcast about handling these situations.

The beauty of the human body is that we all respond to food differently.

Instead of joining in the discussion of what diet to do in January… spend your day eating the food on your plate, knowing that you are working towards what is best for you and your body.

Just because that family member encourages you to try a diet, does not mean you have to join in the conversation.

How To Respond When Asked About Your Food Choices:

  • “I’m glad you’re seeing results; I’m currently focusing on what is best for my body.”
  • “I appreciate the conversation, but I’m not on a diet; I’m focused on the long term.”
  • “Great for you! I’ll be here to cheer you on as you continue on your health journey.”

TLDR, you do not need to engage in the diet talk with family if you don’t want to. Just because you’re looking out for yourself, doesn’t mean you need to give those quick fixes the time of day.

I have an important question for you: What food are you most excited to eat this week?


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