How To Stay On Track With Weight Loss During Summer Events

June 21, 2022

Summer brings fun in the sun but it can also bring a string of commitments and events. When it comes to sticking to your goals, it can be mentally hard to stay on track with weight loss during Summer events.

Over the last two years in the nutrition coaching industry, I’ve come to find a lot of people want to lose weight by Summer… so they start working on their nutrition and health goals in May.

However, come Summer the events pick up and it becomes harder and harder to stick with their weight loss goals.

I know it can be intimidating but, it doesn’t have to be.

Whether you have strict weight loss goals or are enjoying your Summer nailing your nutrition balance will always be key. Let’s talk about a few ways to stay on track with weight loss during Summer events.

Start Your Day With Your Routine

The most important part of staying on track with weight loss during Summer events is to follow your normal routine up until the event.

For example. If you have a breakfast routine that you know you follow that sets you off on a good track…Start with that routine. Maybe it’s a workout routine, maybe it’s a certain kind of breakfast, maybe it’s making a smoothie, maybe it’s grabbing your coffee, whatever your morning routine is start with it start like normal and follow that routine.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is going into the day saying: “I’m gonna eat so much food later today, I probably shouldn’t eat breakfast this morning,” or “I am going to eat so much food and it’s gonna be so much junk, I might as well not even stay on track.”

My question back is: “Why not? Why not just take it like normal stay on track, enjoy your normal routine, do it the way you normally, would do and enjoy your cookout later?”

If you choose not to eat in the morning, or if you eat less in the morning than normal, you are more likely to go to the event and binge eat. From there you find yourself in a situation where you feel miserable and can’t enjoy the party.

Whereas, if you just follow through with your normal routine, you don’t show up hungry. Food becomes a normal part of your day.

Drink Your Water

Number two is my favorite (and easiest piece) of advice. Drink your water. Showing up dehydrated is not going to end well. By pacing yourself with water as the day goes on, you’re not as likely to start chugging down adult drinks.

If you’re somebody who likes to go have a glass of wine when you’re with friends, then by drinking water ahead of time, you will be able to be hydrated, the wine hopefully won’t affect you as much. Whereas if you save your water until AFTER the party, you’re likely to go to bed dehydrated and wake up miserable.

This is not a good way to start off the next day when you are focusing on your health.

Offer To Bring A Dish

For one, it’s polite to offer to bring a dish to a cookout or party.

On the other hand, it also can benefit you, especially if you are trying stay on track with weight loss during Summer events.

By bringing a dish with you, you’re able to guarantee at least one thing at the party fits within your eating goals. It takes the stress off having to worry about what to eat at the party and helps keep you on track. Win / Win.

Control What You Can Control

There are going to be situations that are out of your control and there is nothing you can do about it.

Start by focusing on what you put on your plate. For example. If fruits and vegetables are an option, start there. Then fill in your plate with the rest of the food you would like to eat.

By starting with the fruits and vegetables, you are providing a good base for your body but also not limiting yourself with your food options.

Know Your Body

Last but not least, knowing your body is key to having success at any cookout, graduation party, event, etc.

By knowing your body and knowing how your body reacts to gluten, dairy, corn, soy, sugar or eggs you know what your limits are with the types of food you are about to eat.

Maybe you know that the more gluten you eat the worse your anxiety is… since you’re already in a situation you’re trying to plan for avoiding it is in your best interest.

If sugar is an issue, it’s a good idea to stay clear of the desserts or treat yourself to half instead.

Knowing these things can help you go in with a better mindset and have a better outcome.

Sure it seems like we’re zeroing in on one situation in a party and that is the food. Maybe it’s making you think too much into it. Honestly, that’s because I’m a nutrition coach. I coach women through this all the time in one on one, we make plans we become accountable.

I know from experience that going to parties can be stressful. If you are doing things like tracking macros, tracking calories, etc, it can be stressful not knowing what you’re going to eat. Going in with a plan is going to make you successful on the other side.


Hey There, I’m Kristin! I coach women to make small changes in their daily nutrition to become the best version of themselves.

stay on track with weight loss during Summer events