You're In!


I am so excited to welcome you to the Listen To Your Body Challenge! As you wait to get started, make sure you’ve completed the following steps.

  1. Join the Facebook Group! Do not wait until the last minute on this one. The discussions are up and I will be posting daily to help you get ready for our 5 days together.
  2. Download and print your food journal so you are ready to start with us on April 11th. There are many ways to food journal but I will reference the prompts in this printout. If you are unable to print you can always use a notebook to track the same prompts.
  3. Make sure you can receive emails from
  4. Get ready to open up and have a great week together!
  5. Seriously, make sure you can receive emails from 😏.

I can’t wait to meet you, see you in the Facebook Group!