Monthly Meal Planning Workshop

Join us for a live meal planning workshop on December 14th at 8 PM CST. 

Learn how to save time, sanity, and money with our proven meal-planning method.

Meal planning can be frustrating when trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. That’s why pre-made meal plans don’t always work. 

In the Fall of 2021, my life got chaotic. It looked like this: two kids, three sports, two full-time working parents, and a new business getting off the ground. As a nutrition coach, you would think my kids weren’t eating frozen chicken nuggets every night for dinner. Right? 


Dinner was whatever was the fastest thing we could make, and on the nights we ran out of time, it was a McDonald’s drive-thru. In that busy season of life, I quickly realized our bank account and our bodies wouldn’t survive that season. So one Sunday night, I sat down, looked at the week ahead, and planned meals that met our definition of healthy around our schedule. 

That was when I developed the meal planning method I teach today. 

Since then, I’ve taught and encouraged my nutrition clients to use the same method. Guess what? Their lives are getting less stressful, and they approach cooking dinner with a more positive mindset. 

We will use that exact method in the meal planning workshop. In our one-hour Zoom call:

  • Learn my meal planning process (live).
  • Walk away with YOUR meal plan for your family.
  • 3 extra recipes you can use going forward.

For only $10, you’ll learn how to do all of the heavy lifting ahead of time so you no longer have to stress about dinner time.

There will be a replay sent out to everyone who registered for the workshop.

If the workshop isn’t your thing but you still want to learn our meal planning methods, make sure to check out our meal planning course, Meal Planning Made Easy.