Rock Your Health This Holiday Season – Episode 14

November 9, 2021

The more I get to work with moms in their health journey, the more common themes I find. While every person is different, we are all working through this mom life together one day at a time. Maybe it will make you feel better to know you are not alone.

I’m curious: what kind of mom do you most relate to?

First, we have the Consistently Inconsistent Mom. She knows what it takes to be healthy and put herself first… but the rest of life is chaos and her kids are not quite on board. They will shovel in a Happy Meal while she makes herself a salad

Can you relate?

Next, we have the Diet Starts Monday Mom. The Diet Starts Monday Mom is burnt out and wondering what happened to all of the energy her friends have. She wants to be a healthy mom but she wonders if the effort of making the changes is worth it. Alas, she tells herself the diet will start Monday… but it doesn’t.

Are you starting Monday?

Then we have Hot Mess Mom. Oh, the Hot Mess Mom can’t remember the last time she did anything for herself. The kids are in charge of picking dinner every night which means a constant rotation of chicken nuggets and pizza. Some days it feels like no one is in charge and life is just pure chaos.

Was it pizza or chicken nuggets for dinner tonight? 

As we are rolling into the holiday season there is one other type of mom that I LOVE to see… the Confident AF Mom. She’s built the foundation for her family to eat a healthy meal most nights, finds energy from the food she enjoys and is able to stay on track. Most importantly, she has figured out a healthy balance where she is able to enjoy treats guilt-free.

5 Tips For Rocking Your Health This Holiday Season:

  1. Plan your meals using our meal planning course.
  2. Crowd out
  3. Make sure you still have “me time.”
  4. Move your body.
  5. Create an action plan.



Hey There, I’m Kristin! I coach women to make small changes in their daily nutrition to become the best version of themselves.

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