Learn The Best Self Method

The Three Steps You Need To Reach & Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle Without Fad Diets, Juice Cleanses, and Fancy Shakes.

At Be Your Best Self Coaching, we believe that the healthiest results are the ones that you can maintain long-term. That’s why you’ll never see us recommending detoxes, cleanses, or “quick” solutions.

Using The Best Self Method allows you to get to know your individual body and how it reacts to different types of nutrients on and off your plate.

The Best Self Method

This 10-minute mini-course will teach you:

  • What to do when diet’s don’t go your way.
  • Where to start when building healthier habits.
  • How to define healthy for yourself.
  • What the Best Self Method is and how to use it in your every day life
It’s time to say goodbye to fad diets, juice cleanses and detoxes. Learn The Best Self Method and take your health into your own hands.

Step 1: Opt-In

You can keep trying the quick fixes, detoxes and weight loss pills or you can enter your email and immediately start to learn what is truly going on with your body and why you can’t hit your goals.

Step 2: Watch The Videos

We understand that your time to go through lengthy healthy eating courses is limited. In less than 10-minutes you’ll be able to apply the Best Self Method to your health journey.

Step 3: Apply The Method

Using The Best Self Method, you will start to notice pieces of your health journey fall into place without the detoxes, cleanses and diets. Use The Best Self Method as often as needed.

Hey! I’m Kristin

I’m a wife/mom in her mid-thirties with an interest in how food fuels our bodies. I coach women to make realistic changes in their daily nutrition and health so they can build a healthy home and lifestyle for their families without adding more stress and extra work to their day.

After working through my son’s dietary issues, I made it my mission in life to learn as much as possible about nutrition. I became fascinated by how the body responds to certain foods and certain habits.

This made me realize how much damage I had done to my own body in the past. From crash course diets and calorie deficits to low fat or low carb diets I’ve tried a number of them. In reality, it was the type of food I was consuming that was doing harm.

Over a year and a half of research, I’ve found a passion for overall health and wellness, both physical and mental. Instead of reading the calories I’ve found myself now paying attention to what my body needs, not what everyone else thinks my body needs.

I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in July of 2021 and founded Be Your Best Self Coaching, LLC to help other women nail their nutrition.

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