Who Am I?

Simply put, I’m just a wife/mom in her mid-thirties. My husband and I met through a job but finally connected at a friend’s wedding. He sold me on a story of his one year old Boston Terrier. She is now our sweet 11-year-old girl and we have been married for almost 10 years.

Little Man came along in early 2013. From Legos to Minecraft to soccer and baseball his interests are all over the place. His little brother (also known as B) joined us in mid-2016. Energetic is an understatement and he’s kept us on our toes since day one.

After almost two decades of working in web design I realized my love was more of the marketing side. In 2011 I stepped aside from programming and web design to work in Digital Marketing. Now I am a Social Team Lead for a digital marketing agency.

In February of 2017 I put 19 years of blogs on one blog. Leggings & Lattes covers everything from 6th grade graduation through raising Baby B.

Skin Care

In 2017 I decided to partner with the doctors who created Proactive (aka Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields) and started my own skin care business. What I thought was “simply skincare” turned out to be a world of personal development, new friendships and incredible growth.

I’m thankful for my team and those friendships each and every day.

7 Random Facts About Me

  1. Through my love of gymnastics, I got my stat in web design by designing “official websites” for a number of US National Team Members & Olympians.
  2. My family owned a dairy for 62 years. After it closed my dad began collecting memorabilia from the dairy. To this day my mom and I love getting emails from family members of former Page Dairy workers.
  3. I collect stuffed hippos and all things hippo related thanks to “the hippo song”. This song came from a church retreat I was part of in high school and it always brings back memories.
  4. I cannot sleep without the sheets tucked in at the bottom of the bed.
  5. Leggings are life. If I could I would live in them, however I make myself wear jeans at least once a week to make sure they fit.
  6. If I can find a local coffee shop, I could spend hours just sitting and people watching. There is nothing better than small roasters coffee, the smell of the shop & the atmosphere.
  7. I love to bake, but I am pretty terrible at it 75% of the time.