Nutrition Coach - Kristin Longacre

“I was told to go gluten-free, and I’m totally overwhelmed with what to do.”

Does that sound like you? Let’s get you on track with 10 weeks of gluten-free coaching.

Gluten-Free Coaching Is What You Need To Get Started

That feeling of being told to remove gluten from your diet can be a lot. A gut punch, overwhelm, exhaustion, and confusion. Where do you start? You love bread, pasta and, of course, you don’t want to give up your favorite sweets.

Maybe you’re struggling to get started with your gluten-free lifestyle or perhaps you’re just not ready to tackle it all alone.

There’s a lot to learn and that Facebook group you found has too many conflicting opinions as to what it means to be gluten-free.

As a gluten-free coach, that’s where I come in.

I am here to work with you 1:1 to help you make a custom plan for your gluten-free lifestyle and work on the mindset shifts that come with it. Learn to read labels, shop for groceries, modify recipes, plan meals, and eat out with friends.

From start to finish, working with me as your gluten-free coach, I will take the overwhelm out of the gluten-free lifestyle.

"You changed the way I think about food"

"I am so happy!

I had two great days… I managed to hydrate, eat veggies and get a workout in!”

Kristin Longacre

Hey! I’m Kristin, a mom, wife, and holistic gluten-free coach helping families adjust to the gluten-free lifestyle.

After working through my son’s dietary issues, I made it my mission to learn as much as possible about nutrition and help others make the transition easier. Through research and our transition to a gluten-free life, I became fascinated by how the body responds to certain foods and habits.

In July of 2021, I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and founded Be Your Best Self Coaching, LLC, to help other families learn to live a gluten-free lifestyle.

Since then, I have been a gluten-free coach, helping moms adjust their lives and their family’s lives as the need for a gluten-free lifestyle becomes a need for various health reasons.

10-Weeks 1:1 Going Gluten-Free Coaching

Go from overwhelm to confident in your gluten-free lifestyle.

What you can expect in 10-weeks of gluten-free coaching:

Reduce the chaos in your mind. Part of going gluten-free means your mind is going 1 mile a minute each time food appears. Not to mention the anxiety and fear that comes with accidently getting glutened. Together we will work through those rough moments and I will provide resources to help you learn to navigate them on your own down the road.

Know where to shop and what to buy. Together we will make weekly meal plans, plan your grocery shopping and nail down how to know what is is gluten-free. Instead of crying in the middle of the gluten-free aisle at your grocery store, navigate it with confidence.

Find gluten-free recipes. Pinterest can be a lot with pop-ups and Google can be 1,000 pages of ideas. We will help you find gluten-free recipes that fit within your daily life that aren’t complicated and meet the needs of your family.

Build healthier habits. Just because your body currently rejects gluten, doesn’t mean you can’t build a healthier lifestyle for yourself. It’s all about defining healthy. Together we will create a list of healthier habits to incorporate to your daily life. There’s no better time than now to start.



What’s Included:

10 Weeks of Accountability & Coaching. You are not tackling your gluten-free lifestyle alone. Together you will have me to to walk hand in hand through navigating the changes to the food on your plate and your household.

5 x 40 Minute Zoom Calls 1:1.  We will meet via Zoom calls every other week for 40 minutes. In those calls we will tackle any questions that you have, build your plan for the week and work on building healthier habits to support your gluten-free life.

Marco Polo Support. Using an app called Marco Polo, you will have access to reachout and ask me questions inbetween our calls. This can be while you’re working on a grocery list, trying to plan a night with friends or simply need a friend to celebrate a gluten-free win.

Additional Resources. As we work together, I may send additional recipes and resources that can benefit your current season of life.

Ready to Take Control of Your Gluten-Free Lifestyle?

I am here, ready to work with you 1:1. Just fill out the application and I will be in touch within 24 hours for the next steps!