Healthy Lifestyle Courses

At Be Your Best Self Coaching, we understand that everyone has their own time frame for building their healthy lifestyle. Google is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to building a healthy lifestyle. However, we understand that you don’t have time to search for answers on a daily basis. Our healthy lifestyle courses are here to help you walk through your health journey on your own time. The courses are designed to be user-friendly, easy to access, and filled with information in a short time frame. Each course is designed to help you at a different part of your health journey. From learning to ditch the diet to helping your kids build a healthier immune system, Be Your Best Self Coaching involves the whole family.

Kids Eat Quick

It’s time to ditch the mom guilt over lunchtime with kids. As a mom, I’ve been through the struggle of lunchtime at school. Yet, as a holistic nutrition coach, I recognize the importance of having a healthy, balanced lunch. In Kids Eat Quick I’m spilling all of my secrets to building a balanced lunch that is easy, loved by kids, and doesn’t add any stress to your mornings.

Meal Planning Course | Meal Planning Made Easy - Course Screenshots

Meal Planning Made Easy

It’s time to save time, money and sanity by learning our meal planning method. Meal Planning Made Easy is a meal planning course for busy mamas. Learn how to spend just 15 minutes planning a week’s worth of healthy meals for your family using the method that our nutrition clients use. Sign up for Meal Planning Made Easy and start meal planning today.

Ditch The Diet

Ditch The Diet

Get ready to walk away from the trendy diet mentality and get back to the core of your health without the diets, restrictions, cleanses and shakes. Using The Best Self Method, our unique approach understanding how your body handles food, take the first step in saying goodbye to dieting for good inside of Ditch The Diet.