Start Meal Planning, Stop Answering The Question “What’s for Dinner?”

Download your free meal planning template to save sanity, time, and money.

Meal Planning Template For Moms

The Meal Planning Template Will Help You


Organize Your Week

The free meal planning template will help you determine what nights you have available to cook dinner and what nights might be better suited for leftovers or a crock pot meal. Organizing your week is the most overlooked step in making a healthy meal plan for your family.


Plan Meals Everyone Will Eat

By using the meal planning template and planning a head you will know what nights you need to cook, what to cook, and approximately how long it will take you to cook. It will also better prepare you to grocery shop which means less time running back and forth to the grocery store. Bonus points, learn what meals family members love and what nights to plan a backup for.


Save You Sanity, Time and Money

Meal planning will answer the question “what’s for dinner,” avoiding any discussions, comments and arguments about what needs to be made. By knowing ahead of time what is for dinner, you can have the ingredients ready to go. Know how much time is needed to cook each meal before a busy evening of activities. All of this will save you from a last minute run to the nearest fast food place. No more wasting money on pizzas and happy meals due to lack of planning.

Meal Planning For Busy Moms

As a nutrition coach, I know the biggest stress for many busy mom’s is the dreaded “What’s for dinner?” question. Through meal planning, stress will be lowered and money will be saved. This free meal planning pdf will walk you step-by-step through planning a week of meals in 15 minutes or less.