I’m Kristin, a holistic nutrition coach helping busy moms meal plan healthy meals for their families during this busy season of life.

The Busy Moms Guide To Meal Planning

A Meal Plan Without The Stress: the answer to your families dinnertime questions is The Busy Mom’s Guide to Meal Planning. Download the 26-page guide to walk you through the process of simplifying meal time for your family.

Meal Planning Made Easy

Having a meal plan will give you back mental energy and end the “what’s for dinner?” debate in your house. This method works like magic for busy mamas! Plan a week’s worth of healthy meals for your family in just 15 minutes.

Tired of Trying to Find Healthy Meals For Your Family?

You aren’t a bad mom for not serving broccoli every night. Mom guilt can hit hard when it comes to finding healthy meals for your family. It shouldn’t be that way and it doesn’t have to be that way. By defining what healthy means for your family, you can put together healthy meal plans for your family that no one will turn their nose u.

Drop the mom guilt and start meal planning with us today.



I get it, when it comes to working with someone on your health or nutrition, it’s important to make sure they actually know what they’re talking about. I completed my nutrition training through the Institute of Integrate Nutrition in July of 2021. I also completed the Health Mindset Coaching Certification in the Summer of 2021. 

Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Certified Health Coach

Health Mindset Coaching Certified

1:1 Coaching

Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces—just good food from fresh ingredients.” – Julia Childs.

I truly believe that healthy options shouldn’t be long or complicated. The easier it is, the more accessible it is to those with a busy schedule. My goal in coaching my clients is to take the fear out of eating healthy and make it fit within your lifestyle.

About Kristin

Holistic Nutrition Coach

In nine short years raising my two boys I have gone through many levels of my own health journey.

When I first decided to put my health first 8 years ago, I didn’t know where to start. I relied on Instagram accounts, random blog posts, and messages from people who seemed to be healthy. You name the diet, I probably tried it for at least a day or two.

It wasn’t until early 2020 that I realized it wasn’t about the amount of food I ate, but about what type of food my body was able to process…That changed everything. I found the energy to exercise and keep up with my kids schedules by fueling my body, not starving it.


The Best Self Method takes you through the three steps needed to learn about your body, make changes to your body & heal your body. All of my clients work step by step with me to find their optimal nutrition results. We begin with doing the research. Where is your body throwing you off? What foods are not agreeing with you? What’s PREVENTING you from having energy?


The easiest thing you can do for your health is make changes to the food on your plate. On the flip side, the hardest thing you can do for your health is make changes to your diet. Making adjustments is where our time together becomes key. Let me be your resource to help figure out what foods will help give you the energy you’re looking for and put your health back on track.


Once you start to learn more about your body and begin to make adjustments to the food on your plate. A whole new world opens up. As part of the healing process you may discover new energy, experience weight loss, clear up skin conditions and start to see your health take a turn for the better. It’s amazing what a little nutrition adjustment can do when done the right way.

Kids are always hungry, typically not for the meals you are ready to serve (iykyk); keep your kids full and your sanity in check with these snack ideas for busy moms.

Take the thinking out of planning snack ideas for the week. With the list of 45 snack ideas for busy moms, your grocery shopping just got easier. Print it out, highlight what you need for the week and head to the store.

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Meal Planning Made Easy

Learn the 15-minute method of meal planning for busy moms that will take the stress out of dinner 7 days a week.

Find New Recipes

Learn to plan meals around your week (not your week around meals)

Figure out the secret to healthy grocery shopping.