Meal Planning Made Easy

A meal planning course for busy moms. Say goodbye to the complicated weekly meal kits and learn how to plan a week of meals in less than 15 minutes.

Inside Meal Planning Made Easy

Defining Healthy

Make Sure Meals Meet Your Needs

Every single person is unique, therefore the food on our plate should be unique to us. Instead of assuming that the latest meal planning kit is healthy, we will teach you how to build a meal plan around your dietary needs.

Finding New Recipes

Our Tricks to Easy New Recipes

Chances are that you cook the same 3-4 meals each week. Learn how to find new healthy, family-friendly recipes while still including your favorites each week. We will teach you our secret to stopping the dinner burnout.

Meal Plan

Stop Hearing “What’s For Dinner?”

Using the method in our meal planning cousre, your family can stop the “What’s for dinner?” questions and know what is for dinner each night. You’ll know what nights you need to cook, what nights are for leftovers, and what nights are free for all.

Meal Planning Course Testimonials

Save Time, Money, and Your Sanity With Our Meal Planning Method

In theory, these weekly meal kits you order with everything in them to make a fresh home-cooked meal sound awesome, right?

Fewer trips to the grocery store, less time in the kitchen cooking dinner, less hunting down recipes, and less money spent on groceries.

Except you still have to go to the grocery store for the rest of your groceries and the recipes that come with the meal kits take much longer than the 15 minutes you have to cook dinner each night.

Using our meal planning method will save you time cooking dinner each night and give you back mental energy and end the “what’s for dinner?” debate in your house.

Instead of having to sort through recipes, chop up 20 vegetables you know your family won’t eat, or order a pizza because the recipe didn’t come out like you expected, you can shift your focus to helping your kids with homework, getting ready for practice, or tossing in that quick load of laundry.

Take a minute and imagine how much less stressful dinnertime can be. Are you ready to get started?

Frequently Asked Questions

What If I Don't Cook?

That’s the beauty of meal planning. You not only will learn how to provide healthy recipes for your family, but you can dip your toes into cooking while you’re at it. We encourage you to pick recipes that fit within your lifestyle. In other words, start with simple recipes and build on them as you begin to find the joy in cooking.

My Attempts at Meal Planning Have Failed In the Past, What Makes This Method Different?

Meal planning can get overwhelming very fast. I get it. Our goal with Meal Planning Made Easy is to remove the overwhelm from meal planning and make it realistic for your lifestyle. Instead of fitting real life into your time in the kitchen, we fit your time in the kitchen into real life. Inside our meal planning method, we factor in that you are busy and probably don’t have a lot of time to cook each night. This makes following through on your meal plans more achievable.

I Am Busy Every Night Of The Week, Will This Meal Planning Course Work For Me?

Yes, learning this method will actually SAVE you time AND increase the amount of healthy food you are serving to your family. Meal planning might sound like it will take time away, but the way we do things around here will save you more time and a lot of sanity.

I developed this meal planning method back in 2021 while trying to manage two kids in three sports, a full-time job, and a business. Now, we plan a week of meals in 15 minutes or less, the kids can get involved, and I know exactly what groceries I need to buy each week.

That’s how I know getting time back in your week through meal planning is possible. Not only do I use this method, but my nutrition coaching clients do, too, when planning healthy meals for their families.

How Long Does This Coures Take?

We get that you are busy, that’s why we made this course less than 1 hour total. Following our meal planning method will take no more than 15 minutes each week.

How Long Do I Have Access To This Course For?

You will have lifetime access to the course so you can pop back in anytime you need to run through our method again.

Meal Planning Course | Meal Planning Made Easy - Course Screenshots

How much would your life change?

Walking into the kitchen at 4 pm, knowing precisely what is involved with cooking dinner.
Saving money not ordering weekly meal kits that half of your family won’t eat.
Not having to hear the phrase “What’s for dinner?” while you stress over a complicated recipe.
Ending the “I don’t like this” argument by making meals your family likes.

Sounds pretty great, right? Or… you can keep hoping for the best.

It’s time to sign up for our meal planning course. It will change your life.