Summer Nights

The End of Summer Nights For The Year & Weekly Workouts

Summer officially ended this week. Overall I felt like we missed out a lot on our favorite evening activity of our summer nights…walking. With the humidity and overall problems with the heat while pregnant I spent most evenings at home sleeping or sitting in the air conditioning.  The last three weeks we’ve spent as many […]

Fall Friday Favorites

Fall Friday Favorites With Summer Weather Hanging Around

As of yesterday (at 10:21am) it is finally Fall. I’m still sad to see Summer leave us as we missed out on a lot of it. For now I will enjoy every ounce of Fall that I can before heading back to work at the end of October. In celebration of Fall I have a […]

5 Things People Aren't Afraid To Say To Pregnant Women

Things People Aren’t Afraid To Say To Pregnant Women

One of the joys of being pregnant is that it means people have no filter when it comes to talking to you. Something about seeing a giant basketball sized stomach means that people are free to tell you anything that is on their mind. There are so many things people aren’t afraid to say to pregnant […]

NBC - This Is Us

Three TV Shows I Can’t Wait For This Fall

Normally I don’t get too excited about Fall TV Shows. I’ve always been a “watch it when the series it over” kind of person except for a few select shows. Being patient is something I’m not that great at and if spoilers are available I’ll usually cave and look them up. There three tv shows I […]

Slightly Different View On Our Walks

Post Baby Getting Back Into Shape

I am a few weeks out from baby and while I’m not able to start running or working out yet I’m trying to get a little bit of exercise in. Hitting my daily step goal would be nice, but honestly it hasn’t happened much at all. I decided to bring back my weekly workout blogs […]

First Day Of Fall

It Is Still Summer & A Few Friday Favorites

I can’t be the only one holding onto Summer for a few more days right? I missed out on a lot of our favorite Summer nights due to heat, humidity and that whole being pregnant thing. This Summer flew by but I’m not ready to give up the last few days. Despite the mosquitos attacking […]

Caboo Baby Wipes

Baby Wipes, Not Just For Babies – A Caboo Baby Wipes Review

Ever since we had Little Man, baby wipes have been a staple in our house. There is a pack in each car, a pack in the diaper bag (usually) & at least one pack on the changing table. I told myself that once Little Man was potty trained we’d have to buy even less baby […]

If We Were Having Coffee

September Coffee Date – Let’s Catch Up On Life

Remember that time that I disappeared for an entire month? So much has happened and life COMPLETELY got away from me in the best way possible. I didn’t intend to take a break from blogging, but it happened. I wouldn’t say it was a “needed break” but it was one I don’t regret. Not to […]

Bela Karolyi & I - 2002

Let The Games Begin – Rio 2016 & My Gymnastics Obsession

Tonight kicks off the most wonderful TV time every four years. Millions are gathering down in Rio, the opening ceremonies will start & the torch will officially be lit. For the next two weeks athletes will compete in the arena, on the track, in the water, etc but will form friendships from all around the […]

33 Weeks Pregnant

35 Weeks Down… 5 Weeks To Go – 35 Weeks Pregnant

Somehow I felt like I would never get to 20 weeks pregnant….suddenly I’m 35 weeks pregnant and have approximately 5 weeks left before little man number two makes his appearance. Insert panic moment here.   In a way I feel like he will be here early but at the same time I’m completely okay with […]