Friday Favorites

Spring Is Finally Here and A Little Bit Of Friday Favorites

For anyone else who lives in the Midwest, I’m sure you are joining me in cheering about the fact that for a week straight we have had weather that has been Spring like and consistent. Yes, I realize the joys of Spring means that it is unpredictable, but this year has just been crazy. 30 […]

Spring Maternity Tops

Spring Maternity Tops For Expecting Moms

Overall I tend to be on the late side to the newest fashion trends. Actually, let’s be honest… fashion isn’t my thing at all. When it comes to clothes the more comfortable the better, it is a huge bonus if it’s cheap. For the most part my sister-in-law and I have been able to share maternity clothes […]

Summer Smoothies

Summer Smoothies – Friday Favorites

Despite what it feels like, summer is just around the corner. Fresh fruit is ALMOST cheaper in season and we can pack away the store bought frozen fruit pretty soon for our summer smoothies.    Regardless of the number of smoothies I’ve been craving lately… I’ve found a few that stand out and have been […]

Big Brother

What I’ve Learned From Being A Boy Mom

We had a gender party to find out if Little Man was a boy or a girl. For four days after our ultrasound we waited to cut open the cake and see if it was pink or blue inside. Would I be a boy mom or a girl mom? Would our lives be filled with […]

Erin Condren LifePlanner With Stickers From Giraffe On Skates

Erin Condren LifePlanner Review – 4 Months In

Back in late 2014 I decided it was time for a change. Google calendar wasn’t keeping me up to speed on everything I need to write down and there were things in life that were just getting lost. I tried out a simple planner for 2015 to see if it would change my life and […]

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites – Getting Organized

Since Winter decided to come back for another week (or two?) most of my week has been spent inside looking out the window wishing we could go for our evening walks. Unfortunately snow, rain and thunderstorms don’t make for a great trip to the park. One of these days we’ll get more than a quick […]

Spring Running Clothes

Spring Running Clothes – Must-Haves For Crazy Spring Weather

Depending on where you live, Spring is here. So we had a little snow in the Midwest again this weekend…at least it was 60 the next day, right? The up and down weather means it is time to say goodbye to the treadmills, break out the Spring running clothes and hit the street again for […]

When College Basketball Season Ends

When College Basketball Season Ends

Tonight is the official end to college basketball season. We will crown a champion, one team will get some new hats and they’ll cut down the nets. While we’re down to Villanova and North Carolina, so many things have happened in the college basketball world I’ve almost forgotten that we still have one more game to […]


Friday Favorites – Not April Fools’ Style

Happy don’t believe anything you read on social media day! Despite Google’s failure of an April Fool’s joke I’ve been attempting to stay away from most of the potential jokes out there. I’m sure at least one will get me by the end of the day, but for now I’m just going to avoid as […]

March Madness

5 Reasons To Get Into March Madness Even If You Don’t Like Basketball

In our house there is one sport my husband and I both really enjoy watching, college basketball. I’m also a huge gymnastics fan but he is also a huge football and baseball fan. While I enjoy those sports in person, I have a hard time sitting down and watching them on TV. College basketball on […]