Fourth of July Pinterest Favorites

Fourth of July Pinterest Food, Drink & Craft Favorites

There is no doubt that our favorite party of the year to plan is the one we throw for the Fourth of July. This year is a little bit different with some family events the same weekend as well as the whole being 30 weeks pregnant thing but we are still planning a fun day. […]

Friday Favorites

All Sorts of Random Friday Favorites

Do you ever have those weeks where you walk into them thinking it is going to be a normal week and then basically everything changes by Monday night? I can honestly say this week has been one of the most random weeks ever. It seems appropriate that my favorite things this week also fit with the […]

Third Trimester Thoughts & Favorites

Third Trimester Thoughts & Favorites

Today officially marks 29 weeks and we are at least a week into the third trimester. The first trimester was as slow as could be (it probably didn’t help that we told no one until almost 11 weeks) and the second trimester has completely disappeared on us. Our list of things to do is a mile […]

My Recent Tea Obsession With Adagio Teas

Adagio Teas & My Recent Tea Obsession

When it comes to tea, I go in phases. For months I’ll drink at least one cup of tea a day and then I’ll go months with no tea whatsoever. When I was first pregnant this time around tea made me sick and coffee wasn’t much better. I quickly ditched both from my morning drink […]

Maternity Workout Clothes

Maternity Workout Clothes For Working Out or Lounging Around

Okay, I’ll be honest. I may not be the best person to say what maternity workout clothes are best for an every day workout, but I do have a few favorites that I’ve enjoyed wearing for “lighter” workouts. In other words…maternity workout clothes that have been great for pushing a stroller with a 35lb toddler […]

Instalately June

A Little Bit Of June Instalately

Summer hasn’t officially kicked off yet, but that doesn’t mean that ours isn’t in full swing. Our Summer nights are back and I couldn’t be more excited. With Summer comes a little bit of crazy in our world but this Summer has the added work of getting a nursery ready! I’ve been late to the […]

Friday Favorites - Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation, Summer Nights & Friday Favorites

Happy Summer vacation to all of the kids and teachers out there. While I am not on Summer vacation that doesn’t mean that I can’t start enjoying Summer nights! There is no doubt that we have officially entered my favorite time of the year. Late night trips to the park, evenings on the deck & having […]

The Best Of Facebook Food Videos

My Addiction To Facebook Food Videos

I recently made a new discovery. I entered the world of Facebook food videos. You know what I’m talking about, videos from sites like My Cupcake Addiction, Tasty, Tastemade, HowDoesShe…. the list goes on and on. Suddenly I have well over 100 saved links on Facebook and most of them are somehow related to food. […]

7 Ways Running Changed My Life

7 Ways Running Changed My Everyday Life

I discovered running (as an adult) in the same way that a lot of people might, I was looking to lose weight. While I had run cross country in high school, an ankle injury sidelined me for much of my time on the team and ultimately was my excuse to stop running. Fast forward 10 years […]

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites – How Is It June?

You guys, it is June. Yes, June…as in the sixth month of the year. June…as in 2016 is almost half over. HOW?! It is insane to me how incredibly fast this year is flying and I feel like the Summer will be over faster than we can blink. Time needs to slow down a little […]