Hi! My name is Kristin Longacre. I am a mommy & wife in her early thirties. After over a decade of working on website design I finally figured out that I loved the process of creating the content not the actual designing. After 10+ years doing websites for a number of gymnasts, I decided it was time to take the content I create online to a new level. While my days as a gymnastics webmaster are long past, that doesn't mean that I've given up on website creation all together. For five years I split my time between project management, blogging, php & a little bit of CSS. In 2011 I made the switch to full time SEM Strategist where I focus on PPC, comparison shopping engines and whatever new types of search pops up. That doesn't mean my love for writing stopped. It just takes place late at night instead of all day long.

My Life

I'm a lucky mommy to Little Man and Baby B who do everything in their power to keep mommy and daddy on his toes. Their sister (also known as our pet Boston Terrier) is their best friend and still gives us looks wondering why we brought them home as they chases her around the house. They are my world and often the star of my favorite entires.  My husband and I have been married since October 2011 and love to go with the flow of life. We somehow always find a way to make life an adventure and I wouldn't want to be on this adventure with anyone else. I'm a runner, knitter & photographer in my "free time". I don't find much of it but I love it when I do.


My other passion is helping women (and men) find their confidence. I am an Executive Consultant at Rodan+Fields. Named number one in skin care for 2016 in the U.S., Rodan+Fields is often referred to as life changing skin care. It's safe ot say I've seen the benefits personally over the last four years and love working with a growing team. Want to know more? Drop me a note

The Blog

For years my life has been documented in various forms on various blogs. I finally got everything organized over at www.leggingsandlattes.com. Take a look at my day to day life and a few of my favorite things over there. 

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