#GIRLBOSS A Must Read Book For All Girls

For the last few years I’ve had friends recommend the book #GIRLBOSS over and over again. I bought the book and it’s been sitting in my Amazon account for awhile. After a year with very little reading done, I decided to pick up my Kindle again this Summer and get caught up. Unfortunately this thing […]

Friday Favorites

Early December Friday Favorites

Thanksgiving is over, it’s early December and the Holidays are in full swing around here. The boys met Santa last week and Little Man is super excited about telling Santa he wants a Buzz Lightyear. Christmas shopping is (finally) underway and we are planning our favorite Holiday traditions. It may be early December but this […]

Having Coffee With A Few Of My Favorite Bloggers

Having Coffee With A Few Of My Favorite Bloggers

I think the thing I miss most about college is coffee dates with my friends. Okay there was that education thing too, but I’m just being honest here. After meteorology class Karissa and I would run to the coffee shop on campus for a hot chocolate (for her) and coffee (for me). It was short, […]

Holiday Coffee Flavors

Holiday Coffee Flavors That Are Pretty Much Amazing

While everyone else is off Black Friday shopping, I like to think of today as the first day of Holiday coffee. Yea, red cups have been out for awhile (I even had my first of the year the other night) but I usually try and save my first holiday coffee for the day after Thanksgiving. […]


My Winter Reading List

Last year I read 84 books. It was awesome. I visited so many characters lives and spent so much time enjoying reading. This year I’ve read 9 books. Oops. I could blame the pregnancy & a newborn, I could blame being exhausted all of the time or I could blame the fact that I’ve gotten […]

Cubs Win The World Series

A Crazy Three Weeks & Catching Up On Life In November

It has been a crazy three weeks and I realize I’ve almost completely fallen off the radar over the last month. I really do love my blogging time and eventually plan on getting back to a regular schedule. As for the last three weeks…holy hippos, where do I start? I’ve been back at work after […]

I Voted in the 2016 Election

The 2016 Election Got the Best of Social Media by Bringing Out the Worst in People

This morning at 3am I was up feeding Baby B. Election results were finally being officially called and I made the mistake of reading Facebook. It literally made my stomach hurt. Not because it told me who won, CNN had been predicting that for 6 hours by this point…but because of the hurtful words my […]

Running the Popcorn Panic

Running After A Long Break… Taking The First Step

Not long before the start of my sophomore year of high school, my friend Nathalie showed up on my doorstep and asked me to join the cross country team. They needed enough people to finish the city championship to claim a team. For some reason I agreed. Over the next three years I was part of […]

Stroller Selfie

Is #StrollerSelfie A Thing? Weekly Workouts

These days I feel like there is a hashtag for everything. You know, #tbt (Throwback Thursday) #mcm (Man Crush Monday), #TransformationTuesday, etc. There should be one for #StrollerSelfie. You know, all of those moms and dads out there working to get active with their kids share a selfie on social media. What’s the point of […]

Newborn Essentials... The Second Time Around

Newborn Essentials… The Second Time Around

When Little Man was born we bought most of what was recommended. That bottle warmer (that barely got used), the swing (which has since gone missing…oops), the bottle brush, etc. With Baby B we tried to avoid buying too much since we already had more than we needed already. As expected, things are different this […]