The West Wing

The West Wing – Throwback Thursday

We are a few weeks away from the new fall shows starting up on TV. As a number of the summer shows wrap up (so long Bachelor in Paradise & Astronaut Wives Club) I’ve found myself re-watching some of my old favorite shows. There are a few shows that will never get old for me […]

Trips and Tricks for Freezer Cooking

Freezer Cooking With Once a Month Meals Tips & Tricks

I recently set out to simplify dinnertime in our house. As per my routine, each week I attempt to meal plan the entire week before our grocery shopping trips. Generally speaking I come up with two or three meals and we then try and keep up with the cooking as the week goes on. For […]

Healthy Snacks for Kids & Adults

3 Quick & Easy Healthy Snacks For Kids & Adults

While I’m all about vegetables and fruit for snacks, I’ve found that everyone else isn’t always on board with my choice of a healthy snack. When it comes to the little man I’ve been trying to find some fun ways to make healthier snacks interesting for him. Just because they are for kids, doesn’t mean […]

Coffee Means To Me

Five Reasons Coffee Is An Important Part of My Life

I’ve been drinking coffee since junior high or high school. Somewhere in there I started my mornings with a cup of coffee, a lot of cream and about 10lbs of sugar. Not really, but looking back it feels like it. How you drink your coffee can say a lot about who you are as a […]

Back to School

Back to School Friday Favorites

(Picture Thanks To Anders Ruff Custom Designs) While I know some of you still have a few weeks to soak up what is left of summer vacation, around us in the Midwest school is officially back in session. Little man isn’t quite old enough to understand what summer vacation is (or was) but he and […]

Once a Month Freezer Meals - Cook 24 Meals At Once

Cook 24 Meals At Once With Once a Month Meals

A couple of months ago, Carin at Round the Twist started talking about a new website she had found called Once a Month Meals. With Once a Month Meals she was able to get a full menu for her family one time a month (hence Once a Month Meals). This idea sounded awesome to me. […]

The Moon & More by Sarah Dessen

The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen

One of my favorite things about having friends and family who like to read is the ability to share book titles that we love. A few weeks ago I came into work and my friend had left the book The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen on my desk. She said it was a quick […]

Bulu Box Review

Mini BuluBox Review & Discount Code!

For the last few months I’ve noticed a few of my fitness friends on Instagram posting about this new subscription service called BuluBox. Each box comes with a few samples of a newer product designed to help you along on your fitness journey. I’ve always been curious and I’m excited to finally have a little […]

Coffee Mug Love

My Not So Secret Coffee Mug Obsession

I don’t know what it is about cups, but for some reason I have hundreds of them. I’m not talking about regular every day drinking cups… I’m talking water bottles & coffee mugs. Let’s save the water bottle discussion for another day as that collection is growing but it is not quite as big as […]


ABC’s The Astronaut Wives Club

Last night we said goodbye to our friends from the Astronaut Wives Club. For 10 weeks we have gotten to know Rene, Trudy, Annie, Betty, Jo, Louise & “Mother” Marge.  As they have supported their husbands through the initial NASA launches we have also gotten to know some of the other wives who came in […]