Building a Healthy Lifestyle Shouldn’t be Complicated

October 20, 2022

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Building a long-term healthy lifestyle can be overwhelming. Take one look at Pinterest, and you can see 1000 different rules about how you should eat, move, etc.

The truth is, most of those come back to 3 core habits:

  • Movement
  • Hydration
  • Whole Foods

Ultimately, these three core habits will build the foundation for a healthy lifestyle, no matter your goal. A goal, such as having more energy, could result in weight loss. A goal to reduce cholesterol could result in more energy.

Today, on the podcast, we’re digging into each of these habits and how they can contribute to your overall health

It Takes On Average 66 Days To Form A Healthy Lifestyle Habit

Time to bust some myths. While many people like to declare that it takes 21 days to form a habit, research suggests habits take an average of 66 days to become actual habits. What you do now will play a part in how your 2022 wraps up and 2023 kicks off.

Starting now with 70ish days left in the year can make a big difference in having a healthy holiday season.

Come Kick Start A Healthy Holiday Season With Us

If you are ready to focus on these three core habits, come to Kick Start a Healthy Holiday Season with the Be Your Best Self Community. Starting on November 1st, we will focus on THREE core daily habits: drinking your water, moving for 30 minutes a day & eating a vegetable. 😉.

All for free, you get recipes, motivation, tips in the kitchen, and two awesome giveaways (hint: one is a free month of nutrition coaching).



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A Healthy Lifestyle Doesn't Have to Be Complicated