Do you have a weekly plan for your nutrition? That’s an honest question. It is a conversation that I have with my one-on-one clients and with my workshop alumni.

You know what you need to do with your nutrition, but it is hard to follow through a lot of the time. Believe it or not, it’s not because you’re lazy. It’s because we are so ingrained in these habits that we’ve built throughout our entire lives. Think about it for 20, 30, 50, 70 years you’ve gone through the same routine with your nutrition.

To make a change to your nutrition plan, you have to change the habits surrounding that. It’s not something that’s going to happen overnight.

Listen to the podcast and keep reading the highlights to find out how we can build some little habits that will add up to a new routine and lifestyle when it comes to your nutrition.

Nutrition isn’t just about making better choices with the food on your plate, it also involves cooking it to get it there.

Why Is a Plan For Your Nutrition Important?

Having a plan for your nutrition will set you up for a more successful week.

You can say all of the things you want about how you’re going to be healthy, but unless you actually follow through on it… it doesn’t change.

By setting yourself up with a plan, you will be more likely to actually follow through on the steps needed to reach your goals.

How Do You Make a Plan For Your Nutrition?

For starters, pick one day a week to be your organizing and shopping day.

Sit down and look at your plans for the week. What nights do you have events? What nights are you free as a bird? Be realistic!

As you look at your week, write down 3-4 nights that you can cook. The other 3-4 nights are leftover nights.

Now, make a list of recipes for the week and pencil them in.

From there, take those recipes and make your grocery list centered around those ingredients.

Follow the same process for lunch and breakfast. That might mean cooking breakfast the night before and packing a weeks worth of lunches in one day.

It’s important to pay attention to how planning fits into your routine.

When You Get Your Groceries…

This is where the magic really happens in setting yourself up for a successful week.

When you get home with your groceries as you are putting them away wash your produce and split it up into containers as you need it throughout the week.

If you are taking blueberries to work every day, fill five containers with blueberries and put them in the fridge. Now there’s no excuse then if you run out of blueberries on Wednesday because you split that container evenly. They’re already washed and they’re good to go.

And then as you put it away in your fridge, organize it by meal. Sure, there are going to be some ingredients that overlap. By organizing your fridge you know exactly what you might be missing and are able to pull it all out to cook when you’re ready.

When It Doesn’t Go Your Way

There are 100 reasons that your week could probably fall apart, and that’s okay. By having a plan in place going into the week you are able to pick up on the pieces of the plan that might be getting left behind when things fall off.

Just because you miss one day, one meal, etc. does not mean the rest of your week has to be thrown off.

Building these little habits over time will eventually become automatic. You won’t even notice picking recipes, meal organizing, washing produce, etc.

Give it time, keep focusing on the little habits and give yourself grace.


Kristin Longacre

Hey There, I’m Kristin, a gluten-free nutrition coach helping gluten-free families adjust to their new lifestyle.

How To Build a Nutrition Routine