Finding an Accountability Partner For Your Health Goals

September 29, 2022

Did you know you are 65% more likely to hit your goals if you have an accountability partner?

Today I shared my story of having an accountability partner and the difference it made in my health journey nine years ago.

I also shared three ways you can find your accountability partner that doesn’t involve begging 😜

Why Does Having An Accountability Partner Matter?

How many times have you declared to your social media that you will lose weight… only to give up shortly after?

The most common conversation with potential clients is, “I know what to do; I just can’t make it happen.”

Do you know what the missing piece is?


My Story With Accountability

Nine years ago, I entered a weight loss competition at my office. My best friend and I spent the next four months competing against each other for that first-place spot.

Technically speaking, she beat me, but in reality, we both won.

Without her by my side, I most likely would’ve given up. Almost every day, we chatted about what we were eating, what we were doing to move our bodies, and most importantly, pushing each other to be a better version of ourselves.

Research suggests that you are 65% more likely to succeed at your goals if you have an accountability partner.

65% more likely to succeed without an accountability partner. Think about that. 

I recognize how lucky I am to have her by my side during that contest; I know for certain I wouldn’t have kept going without her.

Where To Get An Accountability Partner

That’s EXACTLY why Nutrition Confidence comes with a community…. that group of people to chat about food, push you through the bad days and encourage you on the good days.

What if this time it was different? What if this was the last time you restarted your health journey? The doors for Nutrition Confidence are only open until Sunday. We start as a group on Monday, October 3rd.  


Hey There, I’m Kristin! I coach women to make small changes in their daily nutrition to become the best version of themselves.

Finding An Accountability Partner