Just because you don’t eat gluten doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some gluten-free Valentine’s Day treats. In my eBook Going Gluten-Free: Handling the Holidays, we talk about how to approach any holiday season while maintaining your gluten-free lifestyle. The easiest way to handle it, is to go in with a plan.

Using these recipes, candy ideas and card ideas below you can craft your gluten-free Valentine’s Day plan and enjoy all of the treats you want… gluten-free style.

Gluten-Free Valentine’s Day Recipes

That Pizza Hut heart-shaped pizza might not be coming home with you, but gluten-free Valentine’s Day recipes can still be fun. Whether you’re making them for your partner, kids, or friends, these recipes will win them over.

Valentine’s Day Candy That’s Gluten-Free

Regardless of your thoughts about Valentine’s Day, you can’t skip out on the candy that comes with it. It’s even better to buy it for half price on the 15th.

It’s cupcakes, not candy, but you are missing out if you haven’t ordered from Baked By Melissa before. She has gluten-free cupcakes and macaroons that are filled with fun flavors.

The important thing to look for when buying gluten-free Valentine’s Day candy is the certified gluten-free logo. This will ensure they haven’t been made in a facility that also makes gluten-filled candies.

Here is a starter list of candy that is gluten-free.

  • Ghirardelli Squares Dark Chocolate Assorted Candy Bar
  • HERSHEY’S Nuggets
  • HERSHEY’S Kisses (Milk Chocolate In Colored Foil)
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (NOT the holiday edition)
  • Albanese Gummy Bears (IF YOU KNOW YOU KNOW)
  • Smarties
  • YumEarth Candies
  • Dum Dums Pops
  • Sweathearts The Original Candies
  • Jelly Belly Official Flavors

While this is a list that has candies that are CURRENTLY gluten-free, please always make sure to do your own checking when you purchase at the store. Some variations may not be considered gluten-free.

Allergy-Friendly Valentine’s Cards for Kids

Something I wasn’t hyper-aware of until my son went gluten-free was the treats that came home for Valentine’s Day for school. Let’s be honest: Who doesn’t love a box of candy hearts? Since then, we’ve made sure that the cards the kids take to school are allergy-friendly, just in case!

You can buy the standard Valentine’s Day cards, but if you’re a mom who loves to go above and beyond, here are a few ideas for school Valentines.

There are so many gluten-free Valentine’s Day treats, that you can still enjoy the holiday… whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not. Don’t forget to grab my eBook Going Gluten-Free: Handling the Holidays to navigate Valentine’s Day and all other holidays out there. 


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