An Honest Conversation About Gut Health

November 17, 2022

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Gut health is something that virtually everyone should be working on. However, many of us don’t even realize how messed up our gut truly is.

As someone who has spent the better part of three years researching and learning about gut health, you would think I know what the signs are when something is off.


It turns out I chose to ignore some of them after having COVID earlier this year Fall. Today on the podcast, I’m sharing a little bit about what I’ve been going through over the last month and how it relates to you.

COVID and Gut Health

At this point, research is starting to show how COVID affects your gut. I was lucky in January to escape the gut piece but it wrecked my hormones. It took almost 5 months for my hormones to settle back in.

My little guy and I got COVID in September, and my head immediately went to my hormones. Not my gut. I ignored the signs that were popping up.

It took a trip to urgent care to make me connect all of the dots. Thankfully we ruled out the serious stuff, and they sent me home with a diagnosis of inflammation in my intestines.

What I’m Doing For My Gut Health

With everything going on, I’ve gone back to a strict diet after talking to my doctor. We’ve eliminated gluten and dairy (two strong triggers for me, not necessarily everyone). Through this, I’m trying to get my vegetable intake back up to what it was in the Summer.

I’ve increased my water intake to help keep things moving, IYKYK.

Supplement-wise, I’ve also added in turmeric as it can help with inflammation.

What Can You Do For Your Gut Health?

Start to learn about your body. I will forever preach food journaling because it can help you learn so much about your body.

Start paying attention more. Start listening.

What is your body trying to tell you?



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