What To Cook For Dinner – Building Your Go-To Meal List

January 17, 2023

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As you shift your nutrition and eating habits, this will most likely mean a shift in the amount of food needed to be cooked at home.

It’s not bad, but knowing what goes into your food will be an essential part of eating healthier.

When figuring out what to make, it’s important to have a list of Go-To Meals. Meals that:

  • No one argues about
  • Are easy to make
  • It can be made quickly
  • Meet your dietary needs
  • You know how it will turn out.

Today on the podcast, we talk about how to make your list of go-to meals, and I share my list of go-to meals and how we adjust them from week to week.

When you finish making your go-to meal list, send it to me. I love to expand on recipes and would love to know more about what you love to cook.

Jump-Start To Eating Healthy

Instead of getting overwhelmed with where to start when adjusting your eating habits, Jump-Start to Eating Healthy is here to help you get started. Together we will make a meal plan that considers your family and dietary needs.

As you implement the meal plan, I will continue to support you for two additional weeks to help answer questions, brainstorm ideas, and deal with unexpected situations.

Think of it as having a nutrition coach in your pocket as you start healthy eating habits.

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Building a List of Go-To Meals